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  • (Massachusetts) - Local Services
    • Computer Hardware Installation
    • I can install or recommend hardware/computer parts to a wide variety of Computers, ranging from several architectures and processors. Some architectures I'm already experienced with include but are not limited to:

      Haswell, CoffeeLake, AMD Ryzen, Devil's Canyon

    • Hardware & Network Diagnosis
    • I can diagnose a wide variety of issues with hardware, ranging from phones, to motherboards. Contact me for more information.

    • Complete Computer Assembly
    • I can, and already have built complete computers for several people. Here's who i can remember so far:

      Tiylah - Intel i5 4460 16GB DDR3, nVidia GTX 960, EVGA 600w B.
      Brandon - Intel i5 4440 8gb DDR3, nVidia GTX 660ti, EVGA 600w B.
      Dustin - AMD Ryzen 1400 8gb DDR4 3000Mhz OC@3.6Ghz, nVidia GTX 970, EVGA 600w W
      My PC - Intel i5 4690k 16gb DDR3 1866Mhz OC@4.6Ghz, nVidia GTX 750ti, EVGA 600w B

    • FRP, Android, iCloud, iPhone, Windows Unlocks / Passcode removal / Jailbreak
    • I can, and already have removed passcodes and FRP/iCloud locks for a few people. Sadly, I don't have enough patience to perform unlocks while retaining original phone data. So these services will result in data loss and factory reset. Some phones I'm already experienced with include but are not limited to:

      Moto E4, ZTE Obsidian, LG Volt, iPod 4G
      I am not responsible for any legal conflics that may arise as a result of you willingly tampering with someone's phone or device.

    • Device Cleanup / Tuneup
    • Ofcourse, there's not always room for improvement.
      But, almost always, a laptop can have major performance gains by simply installing another stick of ram.
      I have a pretty decent ammount of hardware at home, If I don't have what you need I can tell you exactly what to order and perform the installation with 100% confidence.

  • Web Services
    • Code Web Design
    • I can code your PSD or web design. Low rates, since i'm rather new at servicing people other than acquaintances.

    • Custom Website
    • I can create a website for you, using your webhost/vps and domain. I am pretty experienced with backends, but my frontend work is not too fancy.

      PHP, Python (Flask, Django, Falcon), Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn, MySQL, Wordpress

    • Support
    • Sometimes someone just needs criticism, opinions or thoughts. I'm always up for discussion, hit me up on Discord griimnak#2838

About me

So far, I've spent all of my life in Massachusetts. I have aspirations to travel the world, meet new people, and spread the contagious spirit of goodness.

I'm a Massachusetts-based, 19 year old self taught Web Developer, Technology Enthusiast, and Freelancer. I love Linux and fully support the open source community. It's 2018, and we're slowly apporaching the utopian future that is depticted in sci-fi movies. With that said, in my opinion, there's nothing more important than regulating how we allow technology and services to treat us. Open source and "free" software should be the ultimate goal, for all people. It allows customization, community support, but most importantly; transparency and trust.

When i'm not on the web developing or learning something new, I like to play games on PC and play guitar.
League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Smite, YGOPRO, Fortnite. Just to name a few.

Experience: At the moment, I'd say my favorite language is Python 3. It's just great for all purpose use. However, I'm moderately experienced with PHP and NodeJS. I learned HTML, CSS and JS, when i was about 12 years old engaging in habbo retro development.

If you ever wish to talk or discuss a project, you can find me on several online forums like Devbest and RaGEZONE . Or, you can just Contact me

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